Expert advice on welding products and the skills to get the most out of them

Camerons Welding and Industrial has the quality equipment and accessories along with all the knowhow to make sure you’ll be proud of your next project.

Equipment that gets results

Buying from Camerons means you get equipment you can rely on. And not just to work correctly, but to give you the results that your welding skills deserve. Whether you’re repairing or creating something new from scratch, the quality equipment from Camerons will help ensure everything goes according to plan.

Tips and tricks from our experts

The team at Camerons Welding and Industrial can do a lot more than recommend the right equipment for your welding needs. We pride ourselves on providing service that goes far beyond just sales. Our team know their products and how to use them. And they’re always happy to share their experience. All have extensive trade backgrounds are ready to give you the time and advice you need so you get the most out of every item of welding equipment or accessories.

Dedicated training space

We even have our own dedicated training space where you can spend time learning one-on-one with a dedicated welding expert. It’s just one of the reasons why Camerons Welding and Industrial is the destination of choice for every home handyman welder in central and western Victoria.

Quality selection in stock or express ordered

We have a quality range of welding and industrial equipment steel and other metal products in stock, along with a selection of compatible accessories. For everything else, you can rely on our express ordering service.